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Data Technical Parameters

Item Test methods ASTM Unit Performance
WP-20 WP-40 WP-60
Tensile strength D-638 Mpa 16 17 16
Elongation at break D-638 % 14 5 1.5
Bending strength D-790 Mpa 31 35 30
Bending elastic modulus D-790 Gpa 1.35 2.5 4
Gap lzod impact strength D-256 KJ/m2 5 4 3
Thermal deformation temperature(1.82Mpa) D-648 45 55 63
Melting Point D-2117 135 135 135
Injection molding shrinkage rate D-955 %

Advantages of Seven Trust Deck

1. Water-proof, moisture-proof. It is a controversial issue that wood product cannot be used in moisture or wet environment because of the perishable and swelling deformation features of wood. However, the wood-plastic material can make it come true.
2. Pest control, anti-termite, anti-moth-eaten, prolong the lifetime.
3. Various colors for choosing, one may order the special color for himself as his wish. WPC has the wood-like feeling as well as the wood grain.
4. Superb plasticity: Personalized design and personality can be easily fulfilled.
5. High environmental protection, no pollution, no hazardousness, recycling. The material is free of benzene, while the formaldehyde is less than 0.2, which is lower than the European environmental requirement CO standards. The recyclable material using greatly saves the wood using amount, contributes to the continuous developing society.
6. High fire-resistance. Effective flame retardant feature makes it can reach the B1 level. Fire self-extinguishing and no hazardous gas radiation.
7. Good machinability, clinching, planing, sawing, drilling and painting are all available.
8. Easy assembly, simple construction and no complex processing method, time and money saving.
9. No cracking, swelling and deforming; Free maintenance and keeping, easy cleaning; cost saving for the maintenance and keeping.;as far as people know that the cost of maintenance and keekping of wood products was very high。
10. Sound absorbing, outstanding performance in energy-saving, which could save more than 30% for indoor usage.